How math can optimize business

AIMMS makes the best out of a complicated situation. They do this literally: when a business process has many moving parts, their top-notch software can calculate an optimal solution. So if a multinational has a hundred suppliers, a few dozen distribution centers, a few thousand trucks and a million customers, AIMMS can help them stay on top of it all.

And while their business modelling is world class, their user experience was, well... not yet. We helped them improving the UX, so the users can focus on improving their business instead of on software. We did this by doing workshops in Seattle and the Netherlands, sketching roadmaps, building a design system and component library, working closely with developers in Haarlem and Bangalore, giving talks at conferences, and lots and lots of conference calls.

After two years of close collaboration with Total Design, AIMMS software now has an appealing visual language and user-friendly features. All their new applications have user experience design ingrained from the get-go and I continue working with them on a daily basis.


2017 - present


Digital designer


Interface design, strategy, user experience research

Team size


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