De Persgroep

Branded Content at scale

Advertising is essential to the businessmodel behind many of the websites we all love and use. Online ads however, can be pretty annoying. They don't have to be. What if online ads had high quality photo's, text and video just like a magazine article? Sure, it's payed for by a company but that doesn't mean it can't be entertaining and valuable. As long as it is clearly branded content, not pretending to be independent journalism, it's a win for all.

Every day, millions of people read De Persgroep's online and offline media. Their branded content has great potential but the process of making online advertorials was complex and time-consuming. We designed and built a modular system that allows them to produce branded content onepagers at scale. Now it is not only much quicker to make an advertorial, standardization means quality improved as well. Because the frontend has well-designed templates and the technique is easy to use, content comes forward to shine. A beautifull branded content onepager is now something De Persgroep can not only offer to their highest paying advertisers, but is also available to many more companies since cost decreased by 90%.


2018 - present


Digital designer, strategist, project manager

Project scope

Product development, business design

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