UX & UI to help companies make confident decisions, powered by mathematical optimization


2017 - 2020

My role

Interface design, strategy, UX design, UX consultant


Total Design

AIMMS makes the best out of complicated situations. It does that literally: When a business process has many moving parts, AIMMS’ top-notch software can calculate optimal solutions. If a big company has a few dozen distribution centers, hundreds of suppliers, thousands of trucks, and millions of customers, AIMMS can help it model warehouse locations, inventory, distribution, sales and operations planning and much more.

The interface at the start of the project

One week design sprint. The challenge: Designing a user interface to create user interfaces

While AIMMS’ prescriptive analytics software is world class, its user experience (UX) was not there yet. That’s where we came in. Our goal is to improve its UX so that AIMMS’ customers can focus on optimizing their businesses instead of struggling with the software. We kicked off with a design sprint in Seattle and followed up with developing a road map, built a design system and a component library, gave talks at conferences, worked closely with AIMMS’ developers in the Netherlands and India, and had lots and lots of conference calls.

After two years of close collaboration with us, AIMMS’ software has now an appealing, intuitive interface and user-friendly features. All of its new applications have UX design ingrained from the get-go.

“This is the most progress we've made in years, in one week.”

– Client reaction after the first design sprint